The developer has been adding a host of various DLC packs to expand "The Sims 4" and add fuel to the excitement of Fans in playing the game. However, there are still a lot of features that they think Maxis should bring to the game and for free. Fan site Sims Community has notably gathered the feedback from players regarding the features that they like to see as upcoming additions to “The Sims 4.” Below are the top five of the fan requested features.


Cars gameplay was a fun feature in the third Sims game, but fans have yet to see its return in the latest iteration of the series.

At the time being, Simmers can only park or display a car on their backyard without being able to drive one around the neighborhood.

Players should not fret, however, because this has also crossed the mind of the Sims team. Recently, SimGuruKimmi made a survey on Twitter, asking fans about how they would like the idea of cars gameplay added in the current title.

It’s no surprise to see how they flooded the tweet with tons of suggestions. These include adding some animations, new types of vehicles or getting a driver’s license and a lot more.

Non-Playable Characters (NPCs)

Another missing feature in the list of improvements is the addition of few more NPCs in the base game, which players want since day one of release.

For example, the burglar that was included in the first Sims game should be added as an NPC since it plays a major role in the shock and panic part, where an eerie music begins playing and warns them that something bad is about to happen.

The addition of Police officers should also be added in this case along with the burglar.

It’s also deemed essential to see a fire service as NPCs, although, the sprinkler system inside the houses to put out the fire, so its addition is not that a top priority.

It is also noted to be just an easy job for Maxis to add the NPCs, so it’s plausible to see this improvement happen shortly.

Pool features and weather

Also, the curved pools and pool slides can be included as extra pool features, but thankfully, the diving boards have already been available in the main game.

Fans are already requesting for Seasons DLC to be added as an expansion pack soon. But the inclusion of weather via a free patch will also make the fans happy.

Animation for babies

Players also took notice of how the baby sims act weird in comparison to past games. They look to be more of an object rather than a normal child. Fans also suggest that Maxis should add more animations rather than just being in the crib, to move or walk around with them.

"The Sims 4" is available on Windows PC and Mac OS platforms.