A new Classic graphics update will be released this August, Nicalis recently announced. This will allow players and owners of the game to choose the classic graphics option to revert back to the old ways of "Cave Story" on the PC platform in 2004. In addition, the previous version was developed by Studio Pixel. The update will bring back memories of the old one and is something that players can toggle.

The game has been revamped and released on numerous consoles. First, "Cave Story 3D" was developed by NIS America. Next, another version was released on the Nintendo 3DS, DSi, Switch and Wii console and this was "Cave Story+" by Nicalis.

Here is the update from Nicalis below via Twitter post. The post reveals a video as well:

More future updates

Along with the announcement, there will be future updates, Nicalis hints. Here is the conversation from a fan named Jack Brady via Twitter. Brady says, "In addition to this and co-op, can we expect more surprises in updates?"

Then Nicalis replied, "oh, yeaah!"

This proves that fans of this game should expect more in the future other than the classic graphics option.

One issue that is still unsolved is the volume problem. This problem makes the game too loud to play using headphones, which hurts players ears. Hopefully, Nicalis will release this update soon. Here is one Twitter post from nibbl0lz that presents the whole problem:

Game features and story

"Cave Story+" presents a heart-warming story that makes players want to venture into the game.

In addition, the great story embedded in the game makes this a nice story-telling game to listen to, read, and play. The story is unique and charming because the player wakes up in a cave with amnesia. The protagonist does not remember who he is. While traversing the cave, the protagonist uncovers that the Mimigas are in danger under the grasp of a crazy scientist.

Now, their hope lies on the protagonist as he uncovers the bosses and areas in an unknown world.

The game combines RPG elements with an action-adventure genre. Along with the story, there are 15 levels and 10 weapons that can be used by the main character. Of course, there are still those RPG elements where players should level up their chosen weapon in order to make it stronger. Players can run, jump, and shoot enemies, which drop experience points, or ammunition. "Cave Story+" is now available at retail shops and eShops. The game runs on the Nintendo Switch platform.