Video game plots are usually laid out in a pretty clear order so that the player can follow the plot. Everything is usually straightforward with everyone's motivations and ideals in check. However, there have been times when the game seems to tease other possibilities in the plot that aren’t explicitly stated or explained. Because of this, players have been crafting several theories about different games that sometimes actually fall in line with the plot. Let’s take a look at some of the most mind-boggling theories fans have made over the years.

James is keeping Mary’s dead body in the trunk

Silent Hill 2” is an emotional roller coaster ride of a game because of its mature themes and disgusting creatures. The plot follows a widower named James who has received a letter from his dead wife stating that she’s waiting for him in their special place at Silent Hill. Upon arriving, however, James finds twisted and perverted things waiting for him there instead.

According to Game Rant, one popular fan theory claims that James’s wife is actually stowed away in the trunk of his car as a twisted way of fulfilling her wish to be brought back to Silent Hill. In one ending, he decides to commit suicide by drowning by driving the car into the lake.

There, he claims that he and his wife can finally be “together” with some fans interpreting this quote in a literal sense, believing that her corpse was tucked away in the trunk.

Cloud killed Aerith by drowning

One of the most tragic scenes in “Final Fantasy VII” was when Aerith was killed by Sephiroth as she was trying to summon Holy.

As Sephiroth stabbed the healer through the back, many believed that she died on the spot. However, a YouTube channel called The Game Theorists argues that she didn’t actually die and was merely paralyzed which also explained the absence of blood. In line with this, they claimed that Cloud was the one who inadvertently killed her when he dropped her into the lake during her burial scene.

You’re drinking menstrual blood in ‘Bloodborne’

The idea of drinking pure blood alone is disgusting, but it’s one of the best ways to regain health in “Bloodborne.” In line with this, The Gamer explains that only females provide your supply of blood vials in the game. Similarly, one character named Arianna stops supplying you blood once she gets pregnant. Other players have even noticed that elderly women characters cannot produce your vials either. Because of this, many fans believe that the blood you’re drinking is actually menstrual blood to restore your lost health.