Game enthusiasts have been looking forward to the release of “The Last Of Us 2” since it was announced at PlayStation Experience in 2016. Now that Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2017 is just around the corner, fans are waiting for Naughty Dog to announce new details about the game.

Sony’s press conference will be held on Monday and gamers are hoping to hear new developments about the title. To recall, when the sequel was first announced, the video game company revealed a full trailer, although it was still in the early stage of progress.

The return of the Fireflies

The original “The Last of Us” game was critically acclaimed and dubbed to be a masterpiece with its emotionally true-to-life storyline and relatable characters. Hence, the coming of a sequel is quite expected and not really surprising.

The Last of Us 2” trailer revealed a scene, although it is not part of the gameplay, of Ellie and Joel five years after the events of the first installment. Ellie is now 19-years-old and will be the main playable role of the game. Joel, on the other hand, will still be in the title but it looks like he will just be a passive presence.

With that, a lot assume that Joel is actually dead and just living in Ellie’s mind. Ellie is seen to be extremely angry, seemingly as though she wants to take revenge against the culprit who caused Joel's death.

“I’m gonna find and I’m gonna kill every last one of them,” she said. However, the “them” she is referring to is still shrouded in mystery, although some believe that it could be the Fireflies making a return.

But, fans should only take these assumptions with a grain of salt as Naughty Dog has yet to confirm these theories. Additionally, Tech Radar reported that anger, hate, and revenge will be the theme of “The Last of Us 2.” Players should prepare themselves for a big emotional ride.

Game’s director explains why the title comes back with a sequel

Meanwhile, the creative team of “The Last of Us 2” talked about their decision to make a sequel, in spite of the first chapter’s happy ending. The game’s director Neil Druckman assured that fans just have to trust Naughty Dog as the two games have different themes.

The first one is about love while the second one will be about hate.

"So much thought went into this,” he said, according to Daily Express. He explained that he perfectly knows there is fear in making the game’s characters alive once again, but he, along with the people behind the game, have the right idea of where they are going to. “No-one loves these characters more than we do,” he insisted.