The only thing the "Overwatch" community likes to do more than playing the video game, is to find out what's coming to the game next. Data mining is a way of life for the community and thanks to those dedicated data miners; we might have found information as to what is coming next. In just a few days the villain known as Doomfist will be added to the shooter, and it appears shortly after he's landed, a new "Overwatch" Summer Event could be launching.

'Overwatch' sound files tease an event

One Reddit user named Pythonix has unearthed a couple of music files that appear to be foreshadowing the next Summer Event.

The first sound file is apparently countdown music for the next brawl. That brawl would then likely be the Summer Games 2017 Brawl. The other sound file is the Brawl Map’s loading background music.

While neither of these audio files are by themselves, indicate that the Summer Event might be Doomfist themed, Segment Next points out that the music appears to be the kind that has been tied to Doomfist in the past and the PTR testing phase.

There is also the well-circulated rumors that the next Summer Event would go live once Doomfist was added to “Overwatch.” The timing of when this still unannounced event could go live works as well. Last year, the event took place in August so this year immediately following the launch of Doomfist makes quite a bit of sense.

What the newest ‘Overwatch’ brawl might contain

The close release of Doomfist certainly seems to indicate that if the Summer Event does indeed just launch days after the new character, he will be all over the event. At the same time, there has been quite a bit of talk about the return of Lucio Ball. This particular addition was quite popular when it came to last year’s Brawl.

Fans of “Overwatch” have been clamoring for Lucio Ball since the end of the last brawl. It is still not known if this will be an addition to the game this time around. Blizzard has long been a company that doesn’t release information about what their plans are until the company is good and ready.

There seems to be a bit of fun surrounding the fact that data miners are having to figure out what is coming next.

The developers have also tacitly approved of the “Overwatch” community going and looking for clues as to what they are going to find in the next update and release. We should know before too long whether the upcoming Summer Event will indeed have a Doomfist theme running through it.