Game company Bandai Namco has recently launched Patch 1.03 for “Tekken 7” to fix several issues. They have also revealed a new accolades trailer for the video game.

Patch 1.03 Launched Just Recently

The game developer and publisher have decided to release a new patch for the latest popular fighting game in the market right now, and it fixes a lot of problems that players have encountered just recently. One of the notable fixes was the mending of the revenge match related issue, which was a constant complaint from the fans that were competing in the game.

The new patch is moderately sized up, which is only 740 MB, and can be downloaded easily by most gamers around the world with good internet connection.

Currently, the PlayStation 4 version of the patch was released for the European region, but the other platforms will have it later. Steam will have it soon, while the Xbox One version will be available next Monday. Other regions will have to wait since the game company did not reveal the exact date, but they said it will be soon.

Other Notable Changes With The Latest Patch

Patch 1.03 for “Tekken 7” also fixed up other problems, mostly online ones. In Online modes, the new patch has improved the matchmakings, which will now take less time to look for other players as opponents in that mode.

In Player Match sessions, players can now easily go through the menu without much of a hassle since the game can now offer more chances for them to bring it up. This also improved the way they could leave any session easily since it was a hassle going through several loops in the past.

Here is the extensive explanation of what was fixed with the revenge match issue.

The patch adjusted the limitation of the revenge match in Ranked Match, which allowed players to have unlimited chances of having revenge matches with the same player they are fighting against with. It also fixed a problem that changed the other players’ characters and names when they have revenge matches, which annoyed players.

The latest patch also fixed the colors for several Customization items that had some issues like setting it to black when the developers did not intend it to be that way. The character Leo was also fixed with its issue that her upper body suddenly becomes invisible when she wears certain items. It also improved some game designs like AI behaviors and fixed the issue of moves not working when the characters are not in a Rage state.

Accolades Trailer Video Revealed

In other related news, Bandai Namco has released a new “Tekken 7” accolades trailer, which can be viewed down below, to celebrate its release after a month. The video showcases scores from review sites, some quotes from gamer fans, and the characters fighting other characters.

Check out the “Tekken 7” Accolades Trailer vide below: