The new game details for "Tekken 7" will feature new items from "Taiko: Drum Master," and Eliza will now be a standard DLC.

New game content for the sequel

Bandai Namco Entertainment announced that Eliza will be available as a standard DLC for "Tekken 7" this week. Eliza was originally a pre-order character for the game, and now gamers can buy her online for $4.99 USD.

Eliza first debuted in "Tekken Revolution" as the chosen character fan art for the game. Her fighting style will revolve around speedy attacks and casting dark projectiles but has a bad habit of sleeping during matches.

Aside from Eliza, the Japanese game publisher added new customization items for "Tekken 7" from the "Taiko: Drum Master" series for free. Players will have a fun time using Taiko-themed items for each playable fighter, including adorable drum characters that float around during matches.

Other Taiko-themed items will include special t-shirts, effects, health grudges, and more. The "Taiko: Drum Master" series was popular during the arcades and PlayStation 2 eras in Japan. There have been several sequels to the game, but it never made its appearance in the United States.

Geese Howard and Ultimate Tekken Bowl soon

It was during EVO 2017 that Bandai Namco Entertainment announced that "Fatal Fury" character Geese Howard will be added to the roster of "Tekken 7." He is the second guest character in the sequel with "Street Fighter" character Akuma being the first.

Although it is unknown yet if Geese's appearance in the sequel could have a significant impact on the game's main story. Still, Geese's powerful move set could prove a worthy challenge for "Tekken" players when they try to master him or counter players using him during online matches.

Bandai Namco will launch Geese Howard by the year's end for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Gaming fans are looking forward to the remaining three DLC characters that are coming to the game soon. Several fans suggested that the next character crossing over in the sequel could be from other video game titles like "Overwatch," "Yakuza," and "NieR: Automata."

Aside from Geese, "Tekken Bowl" will also make a return to the sequel and is scheduled to launch in August.

The popular mini-game was first introduced in the series' first "Tag Tournament" on the PS2.

The "Ultimate Tekken Bowl" will also add new DLC costume packs for several characters when it launches next month.