A new DLC guest character has been added into "Tekken 7" as "Fatal Fury's" own Geese Howard will showcase his skills against the fighters of the Iron Fist Tournament this year.

Who is Geese Howard?

Game director Katsuhiro Harada first announced Geese Howard during the conclusion of the "Tekken 7" finals at the EVO 2017 gaming event, along with an announcement trailer. Geese is one of the most dangerous and popular villain fighters in SNK, specifically in the "Fatal Fury" and "The King of Fighters" game series. He also happens to be the rival/enemy of "Fatal Fury" protagonist Terry Bogard, after the latter killed his father in the first game.

Geese also happens to be the second guest character in "Tekken 7" with "Street Fighter's" Akuma being the first in the series. While it is no secret that both Bandai Namco Entertainment and Capcom have been working together to bring both "Tekken" and "Street Fighter" together, gaming fans were completely shocked to see that SNK will lend one of their most popular characters into the sequel.

The "Fatal Fury" fighter has been featured in a number of crossover games with "Capcom vs SNK" being the most popular. Geese will bring his popular move-set against the likes of Heihachi, Kazuya, Reppuuken, Shippuken, and even his signature counter throws that can be used against a character's Rage Art.

Harada encourages video game fans to suggest more characters as DLC guest fighters with names like Kazuma Kiryu, Chun-Li, Dante and Kyo Kusanagi.

In addition, a new character will be revealed at this year's San Diego Comic-Con event.

Bandai Namco will launch Geese Howard in "Tekken 7" in Winter 2017 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms, although the Japanese publisher did not announce a specific release date.

Tekken Bowl returns

Before the Geese Howard reveal at EVO 2017, Harada announced that the popular mini-game "Tekken Bowl" will be added in "Tekken 7." Now called "Ultimate Tekken Bowl," the mini-game will be added into the game on August for the console and PC versions with additional DLC costume packs.

The bowling mini-game was first introduced in "Tekken Tag Tournament" and it became a popular game mode during the PlayStation 2 era. Like a typical bowling game, each character must hit all the pins using a bowling ball to beat the other competitors.

While the exact price and the release date is still unknown, gaming fans are thrilled at the idea of bringing back a classic game mode to give more variety to the sequel other than fighting online and customizing character outfits.

The game developers will have more DLC plans for "Tekken 7" this year and beyond, so expect more DLC guest fighters, character customization items and game modes soon.