Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain” is an action adventure video game from the great game franchise of “Metal Gear” by Hideo Kojima. It tells the story of Big Boss also known by the name of Snake and usually, the game is all about stealth.

The beauty of this game is that you have the option of choosing between going all out or sneaking around and finishing the mission without the notice of other enemies. While stealth is the most preferred method of finishing a mission, there are still disadvantages in doing so. Here are the pros and cons of going full stealth.

Pro: Less use of ammunition

The advantage of using stealth in a mission is the lower use of ammunition, which saves in-game money. While producing more ammunition only costs small amounts of cash, those small amounts can accumulate and can be quite large if grouped as one. The ammunition that was saved in that mission can also be used in proper missions where players will decide to go all out instead.

Pro: Less to no damage the whole mission

Another advantage of using stealth in a mission is that the character the players are using will have less to no damage at all. This increases your rank after finishing a mission, which in turn rewards you with better resources, weapons, unlocks, and more.

Pro: Gives a big challenge for players

While some veteran players of the “Metal Gear” series would make stealth look easy, it is actually not that easy to do normally. This adds a good challenge in “Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain” for those who want to try out going into missions without getting caught or fight against enemies with guns blazing and all.

Again, this is just a challenge for those who want to have a higher difficulty in missions they found easy after the first time they finished it.

Con: Use of other weapons and equipment will be less

Stealth is always an advantage, but this would limit the player from using the other equipment he or she was upgrading in the workshop.

A pure stealth tactic will make the other guns that you have stacked in the base worthless because you would not be using them in actual battles. There are missions that let players fight against bosses head on, but most of the missions have the options of stealth so for a full stealth player, other guns would be a waste.

Con: Gear would have less defense power

For full stealth players, it is important to have camouflage that can blend well with the environment and that emits fewer sounds when walking around in "Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain." The disadvantage to this is its defensive power, which is obviously lower than the noisy ones but shored up with Kevlar armor. This is the risk they have to carry into missions.

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