Here is more news about the Nintendo Switch. The gaming console will have a major game boost in 2018. According to Express UK, the gaming giant, Nintendo, already reiterated their support for Nintendo NDS. However, it seems that things will go slow for the handheld console. The demand is decreasing and the game “Harvest Moon: Light of Hope," which was expected to be released this year, was canceled too.

Decreasing demand for Nintendo 3DS

The CEO, Hiro Maekawa, revealed that Nintendo would be focusing more on Nintendo Switch. With the demand for the hybrid console, it seems that more games will be developed for the Nintendo Switch instead.

During his interview with Games Industry, Maekawa mentioned that Nintendo has now shifted the energy to Nintendo Switch. The gaming giant is also not interested in creating new 3DS titles anymore since the customers are no longer interested in the games and the console itself. One of the reasons for their loss of interest is not because of another gaming console but because of Switch.

Everybody is talking about Nintendo Switch. Because of it, Nintendo Switch is not only the next big handheld console. It is also a console rolled into one.

New game

The Nintendo Switch is doing very well. Because of it, it is no surprise that Nintendo will put a lot of its resources in developing new game titles.

One of the biggest and anticipated games to make its big debut in Nintendo Switch is “Splatoon 2.” The new shooting game will be available on July 21.

“Splatoon 2 Splatfest” let the players have a feel of how the game will be. The players choose between two teams: Team Ice Cream or Team Cake.

'Splatoon 2': Overview

The “Splatoon 2 Splatfest” gave gamers a chance to try out what are the weapons, maps, and stages available for “Splatoon 2.” This also includes the maps available in the game.

There are four available maps or areas: The Inkblot Art Academy, the Starfish Mainstage, the Humpback Pump Track and the Moray Towers.

There is also a wide range of weapons available for players to choose from. These include Splat Bomb, Tentatek Splattershot, Splat Roller, Splat Charger, Curling Bomb and Splashdown, Splat Bomb and Sting Ray, Burst Bomb, Splat Dualies, and Tenta Missiles.

What makes “Splatoon 2” an enjoyable game is the customization part. Players can create their characters, dress them up in different themed outfits, and meet other players by going to the central hub.

If it is a player’s first time playing a Nintendo game, switching to Nintendo Switch is also not a big deal. There is a quick tutorial on how to play and get used to the controls of “Splatoon 2.”

Now that “Splatoon 2 Splatfest” is already finished, fans would need to wait for several days before the full title launches this month. However, once it starts to launch, for sure, fans would be wanting for more.