Reports of a new Atari console have been doing the rounds since the company revealed the name of the device to be the Ataribox. A 20-second teaser was also revealed which did not showcase the full console but gave some clue as to the design choices that the company was going to follow. For instance, the video revealed that the new console would sport a wood finish just like the Atari 2600 retro console did back in the day.

However, now Atari has released images of the impending console from the company which gives fans a better look at the gaming system that is in the pipeline.

At first glance, its design seems to be quite similar to the Nintendo NES Classic Edition. However, fans may be wondering whether the Ataribox will be used to play older retro titles or to enjoy the modern games.

Ataribox will be able to run both retro and contemporary games

According to Atari, the Gaming console will be able to run both the older retro games that Atari is known for along with the modern video games which are developed these days. The pictures revealed that the console sports four USB ports, an SD card slot, HDMI, and Ethernet ports as well. Atari representatives claimed that the device will boast modern internal specs but did not elaborate on what this meant.

Design wise the Ataribox seem to have drawn its influence from the mini NES Classic Edition gaming console from Nintendo.

However, in all other aspects, the Ataribox appears to differ considerably from the latter. Nintendo’s retro console is undergoing a more compact look and design, while it still supports only the older games. In the case of Atari’s console though, the company seems to be mixing the old and the new to create a mixture of both.

It remains to be seen what the company means by the modern day specs inside the Ataribox.

Atari unsure about the final Ataribox product

Although the pictures revealed the design, many fans questioned whether the company was deliberately holding back the specs of the device. Atari stated that it was currently still determining the other aspects of the gaming system, such as the specs, features, games, and pricing of the device.

It also assured fans that it would keep updating them of the Ataribox’s development and progress. It now remains to be seen whether the company can come up with an impressive new gaming console in a market which is already saturated with impressive systems such as the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.