Prior to the release of "Splatoon 2" on the Nintendo Switch, the sequel became popular because of Nintendo's various marketing techniques that involved freebies and free demos. On Saturday, July 22nd, the game was made available in selected Gamestop stores all over the United States. It is an exciting version of the original game; made even more interesting by the presence of new "Splatoon 2" Amiibos.

Meanwhile, those who were able to try the game's demo on selected Gamestop stores were also given free "Splatoon 2" color changing cups as a token for supporting the game.

Last Saturday also marked the launching of the game on the Nintendo Switch console. The Amiibos, on the other hand, were available for purchase, varying at different prices. Interestingly, the sequel also accepts the original game's amiibos as part of the new game's features.

According to Gamestop, a player can only unlock one amiibo per day. That means you can only acquire a new and very special power once per day. Once you unlock a certain gear or power, it will be included in your game's features for as long as you have it on your gaming platform. Gamestop also rated "Splatoon 2" 8/10, saying it was well received by fans during the launch.

Wii U's original game vs. the sequel

Splatoon is an original Wii U game that also featured special amiibos as support to the game.

Unlocking amiibos, on the other hand, requires patience as this cannot be done while sitting at home. The sequel's amiibos can only be unlocked by heading to the Inkopolis Square where you will find the character box to scan it. The amiibos available include Marie, Callie, Inkling Squid, Inkling Girl and Inkling Boy.

According to The Guardian, it was surprising how the developer did not stray far from the game's original concept.

Instead, it was incorporated with tactical depth that promises "rewards for long-term play." The addition of an extra mode for the sequel entitled "Salmon Run," a co-op play, made it even more interesting. Despite the sequel looking more like a reboot than a sequel, The Guardian still thinks Nintendo hit the nail on the head when they included it on the Nintendo Switch title lineup.

Release date, modes and more

"Splatoon 2" was originally launched on July 21, 2017, and is exclusively available on the Nintendo Switch console. Developed and published by Nintendo, the sequel is available both in single-player and multiplayer mode. For more information on how to unlock the game's amiibos, you can also visit the official Nintendo website.