One of the best games from last year, “The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild,” is coming with a new mode that players have been asking for years. Usually, the franchise created their games in a single-player experience. However, it might soon feature a Multiple Player Mode.

Wild CEMU Multiplayer Mode is in the work

WCCF Tech posted several Legend Of Zelda's screenshots on their website, revealing a mod that has two players play side by side. Furthermore, the images showed how the mode works as it displayed a different location of a model and NPC swapping.

Bleeding Cool mentioned on their website that Zelda's multiplayer mode might be created by a Reddit group. The images displayed the group’s process while they are running the game with multiple Link character with the same location. Still, the mod is incomplete, and there are a lot of things to be done before it can officially be released.

Simple guide to beat trial of the Sword’s Final Trials

The previous Breath Of The Wild trial trained the players to keep every item that they found. In the Sword’s final trial, however, the players need to be a little pickier as they need to acquire an item that will use best for the upcoming trials.

For starters, there are four phases to the final trials. For the first phase, Underground Floors 1 to 5, these places are full of water and lightning.

So players must remember that using metal weapons are not recommended for this floors. However, players can take every metal weapons and shields, in preparation for the next phase.

The second phase, Underground 7 to 11, these places are hot and full of magma, using wooden weapons or shields are useless in these places. For the third phase, Underground Floors 13 to 17, these areas are cold, but the players can use any weapon on this level.

The last phase, Underground Floor 19 to 23, these places contain a lot of fierce creatures, using low durability weapons or shields are not recommended in these phases.

By learning the sequence, players can come up with best strategies. For example, while players need to keep more wooden weapons and shields to get them through the first five floors, acquiring more metal weapon is very beneficial through the next phases.

The players must also use Links' bombs whenever they have a chance. They can also utilize remote bombs for sneak attack and crowd-control attack. These remote bombs are also the most efficient way to clear most of the other levels. Moreover, by using this, players can also save an enormous amount of arrows, wears, and prevents further damage on the player’s weapon.