"Pokémon GO" players in attendance at the Pokémon GO Fest were left frustrated and angry after the Chicago event failed to deliver what was promised due to serious technical issues plaguing the game. Players of the much-loved video game had traveled from various parts of the world to reach the event, which was advertised by Niantic, the game’s developers, as a once in a lifetime opportunity to unlock a legendary Pokémon. In fact, the event suffered problems to such an extent that attendees demanded refunds for the tickets and Niantic had no other way but to oblige.

‘Pokémon GO Fest’ ends in debacle

"Pokémon GO" is the first augmented reality game which became a huge sensation among the mobile gamers. It offered a fresh new take on gaming where players had to venture out doors in search of Pokémon throughout the world. The fest organized by Niantic in Chicago was to bring together players from the community and make them compete together in an attempt to unlock the first legendary Pokémon.

The plan was perfect and drew fans from around the world to the event. Many of them came from as far away as Australia and Singapore just to attend the event. However, within hours of the fest’s start, problems started to creep up. Server problems and poor cell phone reception left the players unable to log in to the game.

Without a stable network connection, most were unable to even play the game on their devices, leaving them angry and upset.

The public’s feeling of frustration was revealed when Niantic’s CEO, John Hanke, was booed when he came on stage to address the gamers who had arrived at the event. The gamers also chanted for Niantic to restore order and make "Pokémon GO" playable once again.

These fans later also demanded a refund for the tickets that they had bought prior to entering the fest.

Niantic assures that it will repay fans

After the dismal event, Niantic engaged in damage control tactics. The company promised fans that they would be refunded the $20 ticket price and will also get $100 worth of free in game credits.

While this may be good enough for Chicago fans who had attended the fest. It will likely not appease those who had attended the event from places farther away and even from other countries.

It is to be seen what kind of backlash the developers face after this debacle and what fans will have to say. While the Pokémon GO Fest failed, fans are left unsure of whether the legendary Pokémon will indeed be added to the Gym as was promised prior to the event. However, the failure of the event could also have dire consequences for the game as well.