After several months of waiting, the Legendaries are finally coming to “Pokemon Go.” The latest information came from the codes that were uncovered from the game’s latest update. While the information about the arrival of the legendary type of pocket monster is already fantastic, the news about Shiny Legendary variant is absolutely amazing!

Game codes

A user by the name ZeChrales in the unofficial game community, PogoDev, has discovered the code from update 0.69.0. According to him, he has discovered that the augmented reality game is downloading five new icons of the legendary type of pocket monsters.

Some of these legendaries appear to have shiny variants. Among the icons discovered are for creatures like shiny Moltres, shiny Zapdos, shiny Articuno, and normal and shiny Lugia.

Release date

It is still unclear when these unique variant of shiny legendaries are going to be released in the game. Although these creatures were discovered to be downloading in the background, it was also revealed that the game app is not yet downloading these in the game just yet.

Most likely, Niantic Labs has done several layers of concealing these variants to keep it as confidential as possible. Probably the game developer would like to conceal it from the prying dataminers who would spoil the surprise they are preparing.

It could also be possible that the game developer would like to reserve the release of these monsters at the time they think best.

How will the Shiny Legendaries be introduced?

Since the discovery, many fans are beginning to wonder how this unique variant of pocket monsters will be released in the game. It could be possible that Niantic Labs would introduce the Shiny Legendaries in “Pokemon Go” through Raids.

This way, players would be enticed to participate. The downside of this is those who have no friends playing the raids could not get the chance to get their hands on the unique variant of the pocket monster. It is also possible that the game developer would introduce the shiny legendaries through eggs that can be picked up at the Gyms.

This could give more players the chance to collect and hatch the unique variant.

In whatever way Niantic Labs would like to introduce these shiny legendaries actually will just play a small part in the overall excitement that players will feel upon getting their hands on the unique pocket monster variant. Most likely, these will be one of the fan-favorite types upon its release. It is worth noting that in the previous Water Festival, fans went crazy when Niantic introduced Shiny Magikarp.

We will give you more updates about “Pokemon Go” as soon as information becomes available. Meanwhile, the Chicago Festival is currently starting and for those who would like to be a part of history can participate in the activities that the game developer has prepared.