Pokemon Go” officially released Legendary pocket monsters, Articuno and Lugia in the game. Along with the arrival of the mythical birds is the launch of the Legendary raids. With the event still new, most players are still learning the best tricks to catch the birds. It was recently revealed that the base rate for catching these mythical creatures is 2 percent. With this, players are now opting to use Premier Balls for catching these latest additions to the augmented reality game.

How to get Premier Balls

In “Pokemon Go,” Premier Balls are given to players who participated in the raids.

These balls are used after a successful raid to capture the Raid Boss. Usually, the amount of Premier Balls awarded to the player is dependent on the performance of the player during the raid. There are also other factors that are considered in awarding the balls. Among them includes how much the team has contributed to overthrowing the opponent. Another factor for awarding the balls is if your team has the control of the gym where the battle happened.

While those enumerated are the regular way of earning the Premier balls, there is another way on how to earn them. During the raid, players are compensated for their individual participation in the battle by rewarding them with Damage Bonus. This bonus can give players additional Premier Balls.

The most recent discovery that players have learned about this bonus is that it disappears if the player’s pocket monster faint in the battle.

In other words, the game’s count reset whenever a creature faints. This will affect the calculation of the Damage Bonus as well as the team contribution bonus. Apparently, even if a player performed really well during the battle but all of its attackers fainted, there is a great chance that the player could lose its Premier Balls.

With this, players must consider longevity when entering into Raid Battles. If you are a part of a large team, try to spare the last slot for a pocket monster with a high stamina and can withstand massive damage.

Best creatures for longevity

To pick the monster that can absorb damage, choose the ones with Stamina stats of 500 or higher.

Blissey and Chansey have these stamina stats and can withstand damage. However, both have very poor Attacks. The only reason for these two creatures to be included in “Pokemon Go” Legendary raids is for longevity. The creature with the sixth highest stamina in the game is Lapras. Moreover, this monster is useful when battling against Lugia as it has move sets that can take the bird down.