New information continues to emerge on social media about the statistics of the best Pokemon in the game. According to the new information, the "Pokemon Go" app has a lot of secret statistics for each creature in the reality augmented game, with hidden values for attack, defense and stamina or resistance linked to their CP.

In "Pokemon Go," it is possible to expose those values and take full advantage of them while making your Pokemon as strong as possible. It is worth mentioning that a Pokemon with a high CP will win more battles, and winning more battles means that it will be easier for you to get gyms.

This will then allow you to get free Pokemon. So what exactly are those hidden statistics? What do they mean and how can you make the most of them to get the strongest Pokémon and the highest CP?

There are some details to take into account to be successful in "Pokemon Go." These little details are the ones that make all the difference when you go out to find and catch the rarest Pokemon in the game. Here are some new details about the highest levels of CP and what to do if you want to build the strongest Pokemon team in the Reality Augmented game.

What are the CP levels in Pokemon Go and how are they calculated?

CP (Combat Points) is a value that measures the strength of your Pokemon. It is also a combination of different hidden statistics.

Each Pokemon has a series of base stats for attack, defense, and stamina, along with a secret level and a hidden modifier for those bases, known as the IVs.

In "Pokemon Go," you may find a Dragonite with low attack, and a Machoke with high attack, and you may reach a point where the Machoke has a higher general attack than the Dragonite.

That's because the Machoke's Individual Value (IV) is considerably stronger than that of the of Dragonite. In the augmented reality game, the IVs have a value of 15 for each statistic, so if a Pokemon had 15/15/15 values for attack, defense, and stamina respectively, it would be considered to have a perfect IV.

The level of a Pokemon

It is worth mentioning that the level of a Pokemon means how hard it has been trained. Raising the level of a Pokemon is relatively easy. Whenever you use the power-up function in the game, it increases the level of your creature by one-half.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available. Watch the video below for more information: