Ever since the original cinematics for Overwatch were released around the time of the game's release, Doomfist has been teased at as a potential playable character. Fast-forward over a year later and we’re now on the verge of this becoming a reality.

Earlier today, a new cinematic was released showing Doomfist’s origin story of how he was defeated by Overwatch as well as his overall philosophy on humanity. The cinematic ends with him breaking out of prison by knocking a wall down with his bare fist.

In addition to this exciting cinematic, Jeff Kaplan, the Vice President of Blizzard Entertainment as well as the lead designer of Overwatch, released a new video explaining Doomfist’s abilities.

While an official release date for the character hasn’t been announced yet, it’s safe to assume he’ll drop during the next big update.

What type of character is Doomfist?

It’s been speculated on for ages now what class Doomfist will end up belonging to. Based on previous Overwatch lore and the rumors about his design, most fans assumed that he would probably be either a tank or an offensive character. Well, it turns out that the latter is most certainly the case.

In Kaplan’s video, he explains that Doomfist is meant to be an offensive character and will be best utilized in both a dive and flanking role. This adds yet another weapon to the ever-expanding DPS arsenal. It’s debatable if he meant that Doomfist is meant to be used in an offensive role in the same way that Roadhog is, or if he just flat out belongs in the offensive category along with other offensive DPS characters like Reaper and Soldier: 76.

But whatever the case may be, there’s no doubt that he’ll be a DPS menace.


Another popular topic of speculation among the Overwatch community was what exactly Doomfist’s abilities would be? Based on the name alone, most people assumed that he would most likely be a melee character like Reinhardt which led a lot of people to believe that he would most likely be a tank character.

Well according to Kaplan, while his range won’t be on par with Hanzo or Widowmaker, his primary fire is basically a shotgun that fires out of the knuckles of his gauntlet which is called “Hand Cannon”. Considering the fact that he, like everyone else, has four knuckles, it’s safe to guess that means he’ll have four shots before reloading.

As for his other abilities, Doomfist surprisingly has a lot to offer. First off is his “Seismic Slam” ability which allows him to leap into the air and smash into the ground which knocks nearby enemies towards him. Second is “Rising Uppercut” which is meant to be a close-range ability that lets him uppercut enemies directly in front of him into the air. Next up is his “Rocket Punch” which is a charge-up ability that makes him lunge forward and knock an enemy back. The punch itself already does damage, but if the enemy also gets knocked into a wall from the attack, causing additional damage. Last but not least is his “Best Defense” ability which is similar to Reaper's new ability from the last update in which he generates a temporary shield whenever his other abilities damage the opposing team.

But the ability I know most of you really want to hear about is his ultimate ability which is called “Meteor Strike”. What his ultimate ability allows him to do is leap up into the air and target anyone within his vicinity. Once he finds his rget, or targets, he crashes down which cause immense damage as well as temporarily stunning anyone within his blast radius much like Reinhardt’s ultimate ability “Earthshatter”.

I think I speak for everyone when I say Doomfist can’t drop any sooner.