The highly anticipated real-world event “Pokemon GO Fest” did not turn out to be great. It was a complete letdown, disappointing all players who attended it. There were connectivity issues, while the lines to get inside meant hours of standing.

Nevertheless, Niantic opted to release the Legendary creatures in “Pokemon GO.” Those who were present at the event acquired the special beasts automatically. As for the players from around the globe, they are also entitled to enjoy these phenomenal pocket monsters.

The Legendary creatures coming to Raid Battles

The studio confirmed that the special Pokemon will be coming to Raid Battles exactly 48 hours after they were announced at Chicago’s Grant Park. According to Heavy, there will be no timers to help players keep track of the creatures’ arrival. In fact, there will be no eggs to hover on top of a gym. So how will they work exactly? Legendary Pokemon will simply pop up in gyms, signaling their availability for battle. It is worth noting that the first two legendaries are Lugia and Articuno.

In “Pokemon GO,” raids typically last for an hour only. Players only have two hours to gather other players and participate in raids. With the new pocket monsters, the process will be a bit different.

Players will be given at least two hours to defeat them, but there will be no countdown. Therefore, players will have to be fully alert to notice an upcoming Legendary raid.

It comes as a surprise to the community

With this method, “Pokemon GO” players will be caught by surprise because they were expecting a countdown, a process that regular raids offer.

According to "a promotional video from Niantic made it look like there would be a 48-hour window for Legendaries." This new process will present a tough scenario for soloing players who, in one way or another, must look for other trainers to join raids. This will allow them to really engage with other players in real life if they plan to defeat the Legendary raid bosses.

Niantic has yet to comment on the observations “Pokemon GO” players have gathered. They only announced the upcoming arrival of the Legendary creatures, but they never mentioned anything about the raid process. Perhaps they will later on, but for now, it is best to anticipate possible changes from the studio. As it is yet to be official, players can expect some development soon. Regardless, it is nice to know that the Legendary beasts are finally here.