The giveaway Lugia for players who participated in the “Pokemon Go” Fest has a weird IV-related glitch. When the event held in Chicago hit a massive service problem and a plethora of technical issues, players were disappointed and most called the summer event a failure. To compensate for the inconvenience, Niantic Labs offered bonuses to the participants of the event. Aside from full ticket refund and $100 in PokeCoins, the game developer gave them Lugia for free. This seems to be a good deal, however, the mythical bird appears to have an issue too.

IV Stats

In the game, every pocket monster has individual value statistics popularly known as IV. These IVs define the strength of each creature in comparison to other monsters of the same type. During battles, players check on the monster’s attack IV to bet on the creature that has a higher chance of winning. In the augmented reality game, trainers often check the IV stats of the pocket monster that they encounter through programs like Combat Power stats. Almost all creatures in the game can be appraised except for the Legendary bird, Lugia that was given to participants of the recently concluded summer event.


Players have discovered a glitch that disables the players from appraising the mythical bird in the game.

Moreover, even if the players use third party IV checkers, the same thing happens. This latest issue can cause confusion among players who most of the time depend on the IV appraisals to enhance their gameplays.

How to resolve the issue

While this is a troubling issue, some players have discovered a solution for those who would like to know the IV of the mythical bird.

To do this, players need to power up the Legendary bird, then a fix will surface to clear the bizarre glitch. This restores Lugia and makes the bird’s CP stat traceable.

It appears though that what was intended to be an apology and an acknowledgment of error turns out to be another headache for many players to deal with. Niantic Labs CEO John Hanke lately released a statement about the many issues that players have experienced during the Chicago Fest.

This has given the game developer a not-so-good impression from players.

Meanwhile, with the release of Articuno and Lugia, players are now experimenting with the best ways to beat and catch them. Moreover, the game developer is set to release the additional Legendary Birds, Moltres and Zapdos anytime in “Pokemon Go” soon.