A new "Pokemon GO" update has been revealed by Niantic ahead of the anniversary celebration of the augmented-reality app. As reported by Niantic's developers, this New Update brings new and exciting surprises. While it is true that the vast majority of "Pokemon GO" players and trainers are getting ready for the next great event, Niantic continues to make significant changes to the augmented reality game. The "Pokemon Go Fest" event will start on July 22, and everything seems to indicate that players will eventually have the chance to capture one of the highly-valued Pocket Monsters in the game.

According to the latest reports in the major social media related to "Pokemon GO," it is very likely that the new Raid Battles will lead to the long-awaited Legendary raid on the augmented reality game. Next, we will share with you all the details revealed about the new update and new exciting changes in the app.

New challenges in the anniversary celebration of the app

According to the latest updates related to the "Pokemon GO" Fest, players and trainers will have to join to be able to unlock the most significant global awards at the event.

One of the most talked themes during the past weekend is related to the "Mystery Challenge." This new challenge is about completing each task assigned to the event.

At the moment, Niantic's developers have not given many details about this new challenge. However, the players are impatient to see what it is.

While it is true that the "Pokemon GO" Fest will kick off in the coming days, players and trainers around the world still have time to get the items that will help unlock the new surprises located on the main PokeStops.

Will players be able to find and catch a Legendary Pokemon in this new event?

If there is something that the "Pokemon GO" players and trainers are waiting for, it is the Legendary release. In the last few days, there has been much talk about these Legendary Creatures. However, so far everything has been based on assumptions, because Niantic, has only referred to the issue on two occasions.

Unfortunately, so far there is no set date for the launch of these creatures. However, it is very likely that the company will surprise the entire community of "Pokemon GO" in the coming days.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.

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