There are a lot of game consoles available today. From PlayStation 4 to Playstation 4 Pro, and Xbox One to Xbox One X, there are so many to choose from. Of course, there is also Nintendo’s hybrid game console, the Nintendo Switch.

Ever since the arrival of PlayStation 5 was revealed, game enthusiasts simply cannot wait to get their hands on this console. But, it looks like it will be years before players get a hold of it.

PS5’s coming confirmed

Game enthusiasts now have reason to celebrate as the president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment America Shawn Layden confirmed there is a PlayStation 5 in the making.

However, it won’t be released anytime soon, so fans still have to patiently wait, reported. Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Patcher believes that the gaming world will have a new Sony game console. This is aside from the new updates coming every now and then for its current devices.

He, too, believes that it will possibly launch in 2019 or 2020. In an interview with Gaming Bolt, he explained that PlayStation 4 Pro is technically better compared to PlayStation 4. It can be considered as a half step forward to the PS5. “I think the PS5 will be another half-step," he said.

He also added that Sony is strategically planning its timing to release the new generation game console, which is also a 4K-capable device.

Michael Patcher is perfectly sure that the company knows what they are doing.

To back up the predictions, Shawn Layden mentioned that the PS5 release would a rather vague thing, describing it as “probably be some time.”

The future of 4K

Michael Patcher also talked about the 4K capabilities of PlayStation 5. The device will have 4K support and will definitely run faster compared to others.

But, the question is if whether it will run games at 240 frames per second. Also, if it can accommodate games that were originally made for the PlayStation 4 Pro or if there be crossover gaming. “I think it will,” he told Gaming Bolt. He strongly believed that Sony is going to make the game console backward compatible with the PS4 Pro.

This will make PS5 a “full-fledged” gaming device.

However, Extreme Tech reported that PS5 will not only support 240 frames per second as it could have more “impressive technology.” As there are swirling rumors that the device is going to be powered by GTX 1080 Ti. The first 4K GPU has the ability to balance more reasonable frame rates.