In “Overwatch,” each character has their own set of cosmetics that players can equip to change how they look, pose, or act. Heroes have their own special highlight intros, sprays, emotes, victory poses, and skins. As it’s a first-person shooter game, the player themselves can’t see their equipped skin on the battlefield unless they use an emote. However, it’s still great having a certain skin on your character that looks really cool.

While some heroes have more skins than others, Blizzard is trying their best to even out the distribution during events.

During the last event, characters like Symmetra, Zarya, and Hanzo finally got the long awaited legendary skin treatment. While all skins may look appealing, here are some of the best skins currently available in “Overwatch.”

Soldier: 76 – Strike-Commander Morrison

One of Soldier: 76’s skins called "Strike-Commander Morrison" is based on "Overwatch" lore. Not only does the skin change his clothes, but it also makes him look much younger as he has blonde hair and a scar-free face. The costume gives fans an insight on how Soldier: 76 looked like during the glory days of the strike team. All in all, the skin is a nice little tip towards the lore while also looking incredibly sleek and stylish.

Mercy's witch skin

The Halloween event was a successful follow-up to the first Summer Games last year as this event included a new brawl and the option to buy cosmetics, despite their inflated prices.

However, one thing fans loved about Halloween was Mercy’s Witch skin which gave the medic a more malicious and sultry look. This costume became such a hot item during the event that even those who didn’t use Mercy in the game wanted to buy it. Some may even argue that this skin is the best one in the game, commented Dot Esports.

During the event, players requested Blizzard to change Mercy's voice line when she was wearing the witch skin. Instead of her typical quote, “Heroes never die," fans wanted her to say “My servants never die!” as she used the exact same quote during the event’s brawl.

Genji – Blackwatch

This cybernetic “Overwatch” ninja stole the hearts of his fans with his Blackwatch skin during the Uprising event.

This streamlined costume showed off a bit of his human form as the skin portrayed how he looked just before he turned into a cyborg ninja. Genji worked for Blackwatch under Gabriel Reyes during the glory days of Overwatch. Following the downfall of the group, Genji roamed the land and found enlightenment after meeting the robot monk, Zenyatta.