Call Of Duty: WWII” will launch its Private Beta exclusive for PlayStation 4 on August 25. Sledgehammer will feature all the Divisions of the first-person shooter game. Xbox One users will be able to participate in the game’s private beta on September 1 while the schedule for the PC version is yet to be announced.

Private Beta

Sledgehammer has revealed the details of the Divisions system of “Call of Duty: WWII,” which is the game developer’s new version of the create-a-class-system. There are five different divisions in the game and each has its own distinct traits.

So far, it is not yet clear if all of these divisions will be available immediately. Most of the time some are reserved and would only be unlocked based on player’s progression.

Upon participating in one of the game’s division, players will get division Skill and Training that cannot be altered. Training refers to the perk that players can level up to the Division while Skill refers to the exclusive ability. There are still elements customizations that players can do even if the default traits to a certain class are already provided. In other words, players can still have the option to pick the weapon of their choice, its attachments, and Perks. In the Division, Perks is now dubbed as Basic Training.


The five Divisions in the game include the Armored, Mountain, Airborne, Expeditionary, and Infantry. The Skills and Training increases in strength as players continue to play under a particular division. The Armored Division is involved with anti-armor weaponry and heavy firepower. It has LMG Bipod III Skill, which takes charge of securing the territory setting up the machine gun on ledges.

Moreover, it has Armored III Training, which is resistant to Shell Shock and Tactical Equipment. This faction takes less fire and explosives damage.

On the other hand, the Mountain Division is the team engaged in Stealth with obfuscations and sharp shooting prominence. It has Sniper Sharpshooter III Skill, which blocks out the place and obtains aim assist and enemy names in return.

In addition, it has Mountain III Training which is not visible to the Recon Aircraft of the enemy even when it is moving. It is also concealed to player-operated Streaks.

Meanwhile, the Airborne Division specializes in the Frontline and are experts in taking out and holding positions. It has SMG Suppressor III Skill, which conceals muzzle flash and has the ability to conceal gunfire from being seen on the enemy’s mini-maps. It has Airborne III Training, which gives its members the ability to sprint for longer distances and to climb faster over obstacles.

The Expeditionary Division, on the other hand, specializes in the tactical aspect of the game with expertise on explosives, infiltration, and close-quarter has Shotgun Incendiary Shells III Skill, which has shotgun shells stimulates flames that can torch the enemies.

It also has Expeditionary III Training where the members can choose their Tactical and Lethal equipment. Moreover, this faction has the ability to hurl equipment faster and far while sprinting. It can also resupply equipment from enemies.

The Infantry Division of “Call of Duty: WWII” is the all-around team that specializes on marksmanship. It has Rifle Bayonet III Skill that gives special training on bayonet making the Infantry men promising danger at all ranges. It has Infantry III Training, which provides extra attachment and extra magazines on the player’s Primary Weapon. This faction has the ability to move faster while targeting enemies.