With the arrival of one of the heroes of “#Overwatch,” #Doomfist, the Public Testing Realm or PTR of the #video game is in a frenzy. Just days after the character got introduced in the team-based multiplayer online first-person shooter game, some gamers noticed a change with one of Doomfist’s melee attacks.

Doomfist’s Rocket Punch

A redditor over at the video game’s subreddit pointed out his observations regarding the Rocket Punch of Doomfist. The redditor made it known that the distance reach of the character’s melee attack was shorter than the day when Doomfist was launched.

When the Rocket Punch of the character was used, it falls 9 meters short after the nerf.

Another redditor from the same subreddit of the game has obtained some files and has uncovered some fascinating information about what's ahead in the video game. It seems that the video game company will be launching some updates for Doomfist in the upcoming Summer Games event.

If the previous cosmetics event of "Overwatch" are to be based, Doomfist is most likely getting a specific skin event along with other stashes, such as voice lines or the victory poses. Korea Portal made it known that 67 cosmetics are expected to roll out. If the Summer Games event goes to fruition, several fans believe that the newly added Overwatch character might acquire a pugilist's skin.

Nonetheless, the highly-mobile, powerful frontline fighter is still being tested, and players are expected to find exploits, even though it is a major oversight. But, Comic Book pointed out that Blizzard Entertainment is formulating sorts of anti-Doomfist techniques. The character would be fairly vulnerable to snipers.

Doomfist available on Xbox One and PS4 soon

Unfortunately, the new “Overwatch” character is only currently available on the game’s PTR, which means console gamers will have to wait until the actual release of the character. However, most heroes in the game don’t spend much time on the PTR, so Xbox One and PS4 players will get their chance soon enough.

Meanwhile, PC players can head over to the game’s PTR and give Doomfist a try.

That being said, the new character is a melee fighter whose skillset leans on a well-timed punch combination rather than twitch reflexes. The primary fire of Doomfist is his hand cannon and the character also has a rocket punch, where he will knock back whoever he hits. Also, the devastating Meteor Strike of the new character is his ultimate ability.