Horizon Zero Dawn” is one of Sony’s latest IP’s and has also become one of their very popular ones since it released earlier this year. Many critics praised the game for its open-world adventure, captivating story, and overall gameplay system. Players take control of a headstrong and independent protagonist named Aloy who sets off in a dystopian world filled with many dangerous robotic creatures. While this game may not appeal to some on the surface level, the game actually has many factors that make it enjoyable and popular.

With that being said, here are some Reasons Why you should pick up “Horizon Zero Dawn.”

Intuitive Strategy

According to Red Bull, one of the game’s most defining features is how it tests player’s strategy and skill. While “Horizon Zero Dawn” itself is quite thrilling and fast-paced, there are plenty of moments in the game where Aloy must use her mind instead of muscle. The game has plenty of moments where the player must be stealthy while around certain enemies or she could lay certain traps in the battlefield before a major battle. During these times, it’s a battle of wits as you must lure your enemies to your traps while avoiding their attacks altogether.

Beautiful open world

Despite the countless incidents f destruction and devastation in “Horizon Zero Dawn”, there’s no denying that the post-apocalyptic world is still beautiful.

Humans are forced to live in tribes and hunt like their ancestors while robotic creatures roam the land. During your adventures with Aloy, it’s evident that nature has taken back what truly belongs to her as plains are filled with wildlife and canyons are splayed out around the map. Such beautiful scenery only entices players to explore those areas in the hope of finding valuable loot, powerful monsters, or perhaps even some in-game secrets.

A strong protagonist

Before her dangerous journey began, Aloy was considered to be an outcast from her tribe. She has always felt a little isolated, but that has never stopped her from being a generous hero. It is easy enough t feel some kind of connection to the hero once we know her past. In one way or another, we have all gone through how Aloy feels.

We can easily empathize with her. As Redbull wrote, " It helps that she is voiced expertly by Ashly Burch."

Aloy is far from a typical damsel in distress type of character. In combat, she’s skilled with a bow and arrow as well as with the broken machine parts from robots.