New rumors are running wild that Legendary Pokemon will be arriving on “Pokemon GO” next week. While it is true that Niantic has announced many surprises for the anniversary celebration events, a new clue has started running wild about the legendary Release Date. It is very likely Niantic will release a new event in which the company introduces the long-awaited Legendary Pokemon to the app.

According to information published on a banner announcing new “Pokemon GO” updates, after Pikachu, other amazing Legendary Creatures will be introduced to the reality augmented game.

It is the first official mention of the Legendary Pokemon.

Next, we will share with you all the information revealed about this new clue over the Legendary Creatures, which started to emerge on the main social media related to the “Pokemon GO” app.

iOS app store and mentions over the Legendary Pokemon release date

According to some "Pokemon GO" players, the banner announcing new updates to the game appeared in the Singapore app. Something curious about this banner is the phrase that says "Great New Updates" but the Legendary Pokemon are in the way. According to the information revealed, someone at Apple accidentally used a banner before the announcement of the first appearances of the Legendary Pokemon in the "Pokemon GO" app.

Undoubtedly, this is a clue that confirms the imminent appearance of the highly-awaited Legendary Creatures in the augmented reality game.

Recently, some players have found new interesting data showing the existence of Legendary Eggs, along with medals and other essential elements. The Legendary Pokemon has become one of the characteristics most demanded by players.

These Legendary Creatures are highly-valued by players around the world. In Florida, the vast majority of players and trainers prefer to find and capture the mighty Mewtwo.

Additional information:

The new Pokedex will play a significant role in the launch of these Legendary Creatures because that is where to find the new items added to the game.

While it is true that the anniversary celebration will last until July 24, one of the most important events in this celebration will be happening on July 22. This event is titled "Pokemon GO Fest" and will be held in Chicago. An interesting fact to take into account is that in this event, players will see a new feature called "Ultimate Gym."

The Legendary release to "Pokemon GO" will add to the excitement of the anniversary event and could take the app to the top again.