“No Man’s Sky” players will be treated to a new big update coming in August. But before that, Hello Games surprised them first with a mysterious website that will let the gamers to type in different commands that will give them tidbits about the alternate-reality game.

The survival video game is being surrounded with some strange things that might be connected to the much-awaited update. Evidently, its video game developer is hard at work to give their fans little teasers, but it looks like it is for them to find out what these teasers mean.

The commands and its meanings

According to Nerdable, the first update revealed that there was something about to happen on July 21. That was the first phase of the Project Waking Titan, where 10,000 players received Level 4 Atlas passes.

However, on the next step, fans were surprised to see a new website, the walkingtitan.com. The site is just a simple command line where players can type in codes, which they have received from the previous phase.

Every code has its unique interpretation. When a player encodes “What is Atlas,” the site will reveal a short poem about “No Man’s Sky” Atlas organization. “All I know is this,” the ode started. It then revealed that the Atlas had “infinity to work with.

However, there will be some exceptions with the repeat harmony of “Gek, Korvax, and Vy’keen. “Traders, warriors, scientists, all their stories … ending in violence,” it ended.

Also, when a fan types in “List Commands,” the site will show a few selections of different commands and some existing files. Some users also enter “Seeds” in the command window that resulted in a message saying, “checking seed … seed validated.” But, the site will later prompt a warning, saying that “process hibernating” and it will not continue until it wakes up.

This command can be followed by “WAKE LOOP16” and “HELLO LOOP16.” These two could help to wake up the artificial intelligence behind the computer that is believed to be the “Titan” of the “Walking Titan.”

The much-awaited update

According to Game Spot, it has been announced before that the Project Waking Titan will be completed in August.

Thus, a lot assume that it is the much-awaited update that will be finalized and might be revealed next month.

However, Hello Games remain tight-lipped about it. In fact, the video game company hasn’t revealed anything about the update yet since it dropped its major patch in March. Meanwhile, fans that haven’t started the Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the mysterious project of “No Man’s Sky” could check it online on Game Detectives and Reddit.