The highly anticipated “Pokemon Go” Anniversary is finally here. The latest event was launched to celebrate the first year anniversary of the augmented reality game. Included in this historical event is the hat wearing Pikachu dubbed as Ash hat Pikachu and the anniversary loot box.

Anniversary box

Along with the release of the latest update for the game and the hat wearing Pikcahu, Niantic Labs launched the Anniversary boxes. The box is a limited-time offer and costs 1200 PokeCoins. It can be purchased in the PokeShop.

The box contains Six Pokemon Egg Incubators with 3 uses each.

It also has six Max Revives, which include revives and full heals. Players will also get two Premium Raid Passes that enable players’ entry to a nearby raid and 20 Ultra Balls. These Pokeballs are the best among all others that are currently available.

Is it worth the money?

The 1200 PokeCoins cost of each Anniversary box appears to be too expensive. In real money, it is equivalent to around $12. Tearing down the contents of the box, the most useful items that any player can get are the six Egg Incubators and the two Premium Raid Passes. These items are worth 1100 PokeCoins. This leaves players to the reality that they are paying 100 PokeCoins for 20 Ultra Balls. These Pokeballs are free from the PokeStops.

The cost of the Anniversary box really depends on the player. Only the player can decide on the value of that amount. The Anniversary boxes will only be available until July 24.

Chicago Festival

The latest Anniversary Event of the augmented reality game has received criticisms from fans for being a bit light in terms of content.

Fans are expecting a massive and explosive event since the celebration is the game’s first birthday. Niantic Labs, however, emphasized that there is another event coming in the later part of July.

Beginning July 22, the game developer will launch the “Pokemon Go” Fest Chicago. The event will be an explosive bash in Illinois to celebrate the first birthday of the popular mobile game.

There are heavy speculations right now that Niantic Labs will release more content during the event.

It appears that the Anniversary Event will just be the primer of more celebrations and surprises from the game developer. We will give you more updates about your favorite augmented reality game, “Pokemon Go,” as soon as information becomes available, Meanwhile, for your daily dose of the latest gaming news and update, you may visit the gaming category of Blasting News.