2K Sports is expected to unveil “NBA 2K18” this September and hoop junkies who have followed the game are eager to see the improvements. Better graphics and game play are expected though details have yet to be revealed. Instead, first screenshots of Isaiah Thomas, Demar Derozan and Paul George have come out, starting the hype for the popular basketball video game.

From the screenshots released by 2K Sports alone, the improvements on the player bodies will be noticed. They now look more realistic, improving on the ones that came out on NBA 2K17. While these are impressive first images, NBA 2K18 fans are reminded that these are only rendered – meaning actual graphics are expected to be better when shown on screens via game consoles.

Cause of delay

Seeing that the game is due out in two months, most are wondering why 2K Sports was a bit late in revealing the screenshots. Apparently, this was tied up to the uniforms that the player would be wearing.

For the benefit of those who are unaware, the new partnership with Nike on NBA uniforms had a hand in the delay. Obviously, Nike needs to be the first one to reveal the new outfits. Hence, 2K Sport may have gotten a bit of a break for leaking at least shots of the three NBA stars.

There is no word for now if other players would follow. If ever there is one planned, it would likely be the ones who would appear on the game cover. DeRozan is the cover athlete for NBA 2K Canada while Shaquille O’Neal will be the one appearing on the Legend edition.

Trades are also causing delays

Aside from that, 2K Sports is trying to get it right, designing player and their uniforms with their proper teams. Derrick Rose has finally signed up with the Cleveland Cavaliers but the state of Kyrie Irving remains up in the air.

Irving has made it clear he wants out of Cleveland so 2K Sports is also likely monitoring the situation.

The San Antonio Spurs and Minnesota Timberwolves are preferred destinations but nothing has been made official.

Aside from Irving, there is also the case of Carmelo Anthony. The all-star forward is expected to be traded though there is no telling where. Several teams have been linked to him like the Houston Rockets and the Cavs.

At any rate, 2K Sports will have to make a move at some point –regardless if the big name free agents have landed on the teams they will play for next season.

"NBA 2K18" is set to come out on Sept. 19 with game versions for the Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.