Behaviour Interactive launched today the latest trailer, which celebrates the upcoming release of the latest DLC chapter for “Dead by Daylight.” The horror game’s upcoming content will feature a new killer, a new map, and a new survivor.

New chapter

The latest coming to the asymmetrical multiplayer horror game “Dead by Daylight” is dubbed as A Lullaby for the Dark unveils the latest killer. The Huntress appears to be a disturbed woman. She wears a spooky bunny mask and has a throwing ax for her weapon. The way the killer is illustrated is fitting to the design and concept of the game.

The interesting part of this latest addition to the game is the possibility of getting the game’s Meta changed. There are speculations that the new killer’s throwing ax could be useful to counter pallet looping.

Pallet Looping

This is a trick that several players use in the game in order to evade the killer. Usually, the survivors would run tight circles around a pair of pallets to keep the killer away. Sometimes they do it to waste time. While there are already several measures made to counter this method, it appears that throwing axes is an effective and practical way of dealing with players who like to use it in the game.

New character, map, and other details

Aside from the new killer, the new chapter also features a new survivor, David King along with a new map called Mother’s Dwelling, which is The Huntress’ map.

The upcoming DLC chapter will be released by the end of July 2017. It will be available for PC players. Behaviour Interactive has not yet confirmed if the same chapter will be to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users.

Halloween Expansion

Meanwhile, the game is scheduled to receive a new DLC dubbed as Halloween that will feature the popular killer, Michael Myers.

This expansion will be available to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This thrilling and creepy chapter was first released on the game’s PC version. Several reports point out the striking resemblance of this chapter to the concept of another horror-survival game, “Friday the 13th: The Game.”

The resemblance is underlined in the way players are given the power to manipulate the iconic character, Jason Vorhees.

Noticeably, Michael Myers will be controlled by players as he hunts down four survivors fighting for their lives. This expansion will be released in August 2017. “Dead by Daylight” is now available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.