Looks like "Minecraft" fans are in for a huge disappointment. On Thursday, July 13, PixelmonMod administrator known as MrMasochism announced that the Pixelmon Team will be putting a lid on its development citing an appeal from the Pokemon Company.

Pixelmon is ending?

For those unaware, Pixelmon is a very well-received mod for Mojang's hit sandbox video game, "Minecraft." The mod garnered huge popularity among avid gamers for its ability to recreate the Pokemon series in the game. Addressing the "Minecraft" mod's huge fan base, MrMasochism noted that the production team had a whale of a time creating this mod and building a highly active community.

When did it all start?

The mod creators began working on Pixelmon in 2013, and since it could offer a little more Pokemon-themed gameplay, it instantly propelled to popularity among players who have been clamoring for something just like this. The mod heavily banked on the classic Pokemon mechanics bringing in pixelated versions of popular Pokemon and gym leaders to battle and an array of items to get their hands on.

The consequences

As expected, several Pixelmon forums were heartbroken over the loss of what many deemed "the best Minecraft mod ever." No prizes for guessing, the announcement hit the Minecraft subreddit like a ton of bricks as well. Meanwhile, players have been restlessly waiting to figure out whether or not the guaranteed updates, comprising those to add additional monsters and regions into the mod will come to fruition.

The download is still live at the moment, but Polygon recommends players not to expect it to stay up too long. The Pokemon Company and its publishing partner Nintendo are very conservative as far as their intellectual property is concerned. That being said, the takedown notice from the "Minecraft" development team is hardly surprising.

However, this didn't stop Pixelmon from lasting online for years and developing its own cult audience. Aside from that, there's a myriad of mod-inspired YouTube videos, an amazing fan base and seemingly unceasing updates to the mod that kept rolling out brand new features.

It seems safe to say that although the beloved "Minecraft" Pokemon mod is on the verge of shutting down, it will not be quickly forgotten.

In fact, some Pixelmon fans have gone as far as setting up a petition on Change.org requesting the Pokemon Company to change their mind about bumping off the popular mod.

Do you think the Pokemon Company will reconsider its decision to end the Pixelmon mod? Share your thoughts in the comments section below