Game developer Infinity Ward has recently implemented a new patch for “Call of Duty: infinite warfare.” One of the notable changes is the removal of the kill trade feature.

Kill Trade feature removed

The game developer recently released a new patch for their first person shooter video game, which introduced several changes and fixes to it. Among the changes is a major one, which was the removal of the Kill Trade feature from public matches. This feature would kill two players if they have received the same amount of damage at the same time, while they still have the same health also.

Many fans did not like the Kill Trade feature, which angered some of players and even gave a lot of negative feedback to the forums. This new feature will not be available in public matches anymore, but it will be in the custom games only.

New weapon changes

Aside from the Kill Trade feature removal, some weapons had their stats changed and their issues fixed. The Hailstorm-Ordinance Akimbo rate of fire was reduced so that it could match the rate of other handguns in “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.” The M.2187 gun got its issues fixed that made some challenges not working well, and the Smart Show attachment was adjusted from eight to five pellets.

Fixes and new additions

Other than the new weapon changes, Infinity Ward also made some fixes to several issues the video game was plagued with before the latest update was implemented.

The Genesis feature has come back in rotation, and the CTF has been removed, while the Epic Gun Game will be added on July 21. The Competitive playlist that used the FTL Payloads and Traits will now be restricted so that it could match the CWL ruleset this time around.

The Gun Game and Epic Gun Game feature also added some new guns like the Proteus, Trke-50, and the M.2187.

The issue that enabled the players to use secondary modes on hybrid weapons like the Type-2 also got fixed with this new update for the video game. Several map issues also got fixed.

While the Attack of the Radioactive Thing DLC is only available on the PlayStation 4 right now, the update should be available on all platforms.

The update also fixed several issues on the DLC like the Pack-a-Punch Axe now works fine and can track progress for the bounties, the traps now work and can also track progress, the charge fuses can now be turned in while holding a weapon that has been upgraded, and several weapon issue fixes.

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