The fanbase of "Overwatch" and Doomfist truly has no limits. Recently, the admiration for "Overwatch's" new hero spread to "Minecraft." YouTuber and "Minecraft" gamer McMakistein took on the challenge of recreating Doomfist.

The kicker? He completed the character in just a week. The model contains more then 400 "Minecraft" command prompts. Doomfist does not just look the part, he now plays the part.

Some of these commands allow Doomfist to utilize his legendary Rocket Punch, Hand Cannon, Super Jump, and more. Aside from the bad graphics, you might have mistaken him for the real Doomfist.

McMakistein stated this about the process of creating Doomfist : "The first thing in my process is always making the models, once they're done, I then program a running animation and just the visual appearance in general."

As you can tell, attention to Detail and Doomfist's movements were extremely important.

First take with Doomfist

I recently used McMakistein's model and had a great experience with "Minecraft's" Doomfist. The movement and overall playability felt natural to me. I got the impression that a large amount of time was put into the model.

My favorite part was using Doomfist's abilities. Big surprise, right? Whether it's "Overwatch" or "Minecraft," the Rocket Punch just feels good.

McMakisein has also recreated several other "Overwatch" heroes. These characters are also fully playable and stocked with their abilities. Some of these heroes include Genji, Reaper, Tracer and more. Some of you might be thinking to yourself: "Why not get a full game going?"

The problem with these "Minecraft" models is their complexity.

They are created at such a high scale, computers could not handle 12 heroes on a map. It's okay, it got my hopes up too.

More fans, more heroes

There are fortunately other "Overwatch" communities putting out content on "Minecraft." One group called the Minewatch project, recreates characters and their extensive weapons. The moderator places polls on the site asking users what the next mod should be.

This demonstrates an exciting community where the love of "Overwatch" brings people together. While the Minewatch project doesn't recreate maps, the Overwatch Illios project does.

This community recreated awesome maps like Hanamura and Route 66 until they were shut down. Unfortunately, the modders lost contact with each other.

I guess it's too difficult to share an email these days.

If you are excited about Doomfist, there is plenty more greatness to come. McMakistein announced his plans to recreate Mercy next. You can check out his website with all the latest for "Overwatch's" invasion of "Minecraft."