Revealed in San Francisco earlier today, The Pokemon Company International and Niantic Inc. revealed that players can finally live out their childhood dreams and catch Legendary Pokemon. To be exact, Lugia and Articuno have been made available in all areas and can be captured during Legendary Raid Battles. As these two creatures will offer a far greater challenge than has been seen in the game, players will be able to team up in an attempt to overcome the raid events.

New Pokemon GO trailers released for both Lugia and Articuno

To hype up the even even more, two official trailers have been made and released which highlight the latest two additions.

As this update will include new mechanics, the videos also provide some degree of guidance on how gamers can discover, join together, and take part in the raid battles. They both go into considerable detail and are worth watching for Pokemon GO fans in general.

These additions to the gameplay add some much-needed variety to Pokemon GO, which has always received scrutiny due to its lack of any real variety in gameplay.

Only the Beginning - Zapdos and Moltres coming to Pokemon GO soon

Pokemon GO's parent company also confirmed that Lugia and Articuno are merely the beginning, as plans have already been set in motion to include the remaining two legendary birds to the roster. These four Pokemon first appeared in the movie Pokemon 2000, which was released in cinemas and followed up the original movie featuring Mew and Mewtwo.

After all these years, they remain some of the most instantly recognizable Pokemon and have featured in multiple games.

Pokemon GO Fest was not all great

Despite the exciting news for lovers of the game; Pokemon GO Fest, which was held in Chicago, did not go well. Due to server issues, most visitors were left with nothing to do but twiddle their thumbs in the blazing sun.

It proved to be such a massive misfire that Niantic ended up having to refund the $20 entry fee and even offered $100 of in-game currency as compensation. This event was meant to be the first opportunity for players to catch the two legendary Pokemon, but those in Chicago simply could not access the content to be able to do so.

As multiple Pokemon GO Fests were carried out around the world, some of the smaller ones did perform to a serviceable degree. Still, nobody could have predicted just how large of a blunder Niantic's Chicago event would be.