Rumors and speculations regarding a possible new installment in the popular "Dragon Age" fantasy role-playing video game series have continuously been circulating for the past couple of years. However, none of the reports have been confirmed nor have they been officially acknowledged by BioWare. Now, Alexis Kennedy, the former Failbetter CEO and "Sunless Sea" creator, has confirmed that he is, in fact, working with BioWare on the hit franchise's latest installment.

Confirming the rumors

The British game writer and designer recently confirmed with Eurogamer that he has indeed been working on a new sequel.

Kennedy mentioned that he assumed that everyone already knew about the project given the number of rumor reports and leaks that have emerged so far.

The writer also joked about how the project has been a poorly kept secret, which could be true at least with the people he has been working with. The series' executive producer, Mark Darrah, even told him on his first day that they were going to be working on a new project within the "Dragon Age" franchise, which he took as a sign that it wasn't supposed to be a big secret.

Hesitant to confirm

Despite Kennedy's latest revelation, the franchise's publisher, Electronic Arts, has still not acknowledged the game's existence. Several fans approached the company and only got confirmation that Kennedy was indeed working with BioWare, but they apparently couldn't provide any other information regarding the "Dragon Age" franchise.

As of the moment, the company may be hesitant to confirm its existence likely due to its far off release date. If the game wouldn't really be coming out anytime soon, the company likely doesn't want to create a big hype for the title right now.

Possible release date

BioWare currently does have a lot on its plate. The company is working on a couple of projects, which includes a new "Star Wars" game and a mysterious new IP.

Reports have claimed that BioWare may be prioritizing the new "Star Wars" game, which may be followed by the new "Dragon Age" sequel.

The last game that was released in the franchise was the third installment, "Dragon Age: Inquisition," which included four DLCs released a year after.

The franchise is currently one of the company's only surviving classic property. The company previously announced that it was going to be putting its "Mass Effect" franchise on ice following the dismal reception of "Mass Effect: Andromeda."