Capcom has revealed five more playable characters to the expanding roster in “Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite” at the recently concluded San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) after it announced Jedah from “Darkstalkers” a week before the event. Also, the Mind Stone is confirmed as one of the two remaining infinity stones in the game.

Gameplay Trailer

At SDCC, the game developer debuted a brand new gameplay trailer for “Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite” that showed off new heroes and villains from Marvel and Capcom universes fighting in intense battles. Five more characters are officially joining the growing roster of the game, namely Nemesis, Haggar, Frank West, Spider-Man, and Gamora.

Take a first look at these five characters in their deadly moves and attacks in the video below.

New Characters

First on the new list of playable character additions to the game is Nemesis, a bio-organic weapon from “Resident Evil” series created by Umbrella Corporation for a special mission to kill the S.T.A.R.S.

Gamora is also added to the list of the Guardians of the Galaxy who will appear in the game like Rocket Racoon and Groot. Her powerful sword called the Godslayer has the power to break the hardest matter within the universe.

It's a first for Haggar to be featured in the franchise. He used to be a professional wrestler who was then elected as mayor of Metro City, why he calls himself the “Fighting Mayor.”

Then, there’s Frank West from Capcom's “Dead Rising” horror video game series.

Amid the zombie crisis, he learned to craft deadly weapons out of the things he found around him.

Marvel’s roster won’t be complete without the web-slinging superhero, the Amazing Spider-Man. Peter Parker gained a super power that he then used to protect the city after his Uncle Ben died in the hands of a criminal.

Capcom has also revealed the fifth infinity stone in “Marvel vs.

Capcom Infinite," the Mind Stone. It offers a Storm boost that can revive a knocked-down character.

So, one more soul gem remains a secret for now and perhaps, will be unveiled in the final trailer leading to the release of the game in September. The infinity stones that are already confirmed are Reality, Space, Time, and Power Stones.

If leaks are to be believed, the last stone will be the Soul Stone. This soul gem has a Surge boost that can take away the life of an enemy.

“Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite" will be out in stores on Sep. 19. The fighting game will be launched on Xbox One, PS4, and Windows PC platforms.