Today, 2K and Firaxis revealed the next playable civilization and leader that will be released in “Civilization Vi.” The latest expansion will introduce Nubia to the mix. Aside from this, the Nubia DLC will feature exciting additions to Sid Meier’s turn based 4X title.

The Nubia DLC

The new “Civilization VI” Nubia DLC will introduce the Nubians headed by Queen Kandake Amanitore. The leader has ruled the ancient Kushitic Kingdom of Meroë, later called Nubia during the time that several splendid construction projects were made. The Queen offers potent production bonuses to her citizens.


The upcoming DLC will also feature Ta-Seti, which is a unique ability that gives additional 50 percent productions to the ranged units. It as well provides additional 50 percent combat experience for all ranged units. If players build on strategic resources, this ability will cause mines to give +1 bonus. Furthermore, this ability cause mines to give +20 gold if players build on bonus or luxury resources. Moreover, Queen Kandake Amanitore has her own set of ability. She can give +20 percent production to all districts. If the Nubian Pyramid is built near the city center, the Queen offers +40 percent production.


Apart from those, the Nubia DLC will also introduce the unique unit called Pitati Archer.

This class is stronger and faster than the regular Archer in the game. In the Nubian Pyramid, this unit gets a distinct tile improvement. This Pyramid can be constructed in floodplains, deserts, and desert hills. The Nubian Pyramid gives faith as well as bonuses. These bonuses are dependent on the nearby city centers or districts in the game.

New scenario

The upcoming Nubia expansion will also feature a new scenario in the game title Gift of the Nile. In this scenario, a player can rule either Nubia or Egypt’s civilization to gain control of the Nile River. The first civilization to finish seven temples wins.

In playing this expansion, it is important to consider construction or building as it has ample production bonuses.

Players must also put up Nubian Pyramid to get ahead of the competition regarding the development of the city. Moreover, use the Pitati Archers to discourage early rushers in the game.

Release date

The “Civilization VI” Nubia DLC has no release date yet, but it will be available to holders of the game’s Deluxe Edition during release. The price for the upcoming expansion was not yet revealed, most likely it will be approximate $4.99 based on the previous pricing.