Maxis has officially announced its Q3 2017 plans for 'The Sims 4' in the latest quarterly teaser released just recently. The announcement video has confirmed that the next Pack is themed around Toddlers and it will be available around late summer of this year.

Following speculations suggesting the imminent release of the next quarterly teaser for 'The Sims 4', the studio has, in fact, followed its tradition to reveal its plans for the third quarter of the year on July 5.

Toddler-themed stuff pack announced

The Toddler-themed stuff pack does not have an official title yet but from the short clip, fans can speculate about what's coming to the game when it releases in late summer, which could happen in the month of September.

The short teaser clip is shown below.

New DLC draws mixed reactions from fans

The Sims team has also revealed a number of screenshots from the latest teaser for the Toddler stuff pack. The announcement once again draws mixed reactions from fans and some of them are disappointed to see that they only get a single stuff pack in the next three months.

Other Simmers have also questioned the team about offering toddlers again after it previously launched Parenthood and Kids stuff packs while the rest are asking about 'The Sims 4' University or Pets DLC.

Daycare pack possible

But some still show their excitement for the upcoming DLC and one fan even cited that the new teaser is hinting the addition of Daycare in the Toddler-themed stuff pack.

This possibility has stemmed from the new Toddler clothes, toy chest, and what looks like a cooler attached to a wagon that was spotted in the announcement teaser.

SimGuruGraham has also responded to fan queries on his official Twitter account. When asked about the umbrella tree item and whether it's a bookshelf or cubby, the game producer confirmed that it's a new dollhouse, adding that the team has not yet shown any new gameplay in the video.

Nardone said that the gameplay will be revealed once the Toddler-themed stuff pack gets its official announcement trailer soon.

Pets expansion might arrive in November

Rumor of Pets expansion coming on November 10 is still alive online and fans are still hopeful that the leaked information discovered from reliable Czech retailer website,, turns out to be true.

The game listing has notably confirmed earlier reports of leaked game and animation code indicating the existence of Pets DLC that will add dogs and cats to the life simulation game. Last quarter, 'The Sims 4' received the addition of the Parenthood game pack in May and Fitness stuff pack followed in June.