Niantic recently added a brand new feature to its highly popular augmented reality video game, "Pokémon Go," in the form of co-op Boss Raids. The developer also significantly changed some of the mobile game's features, including how its gyms work. However, some fans are now finding out that there may still be some flaws with the system, which includes letting low-Level users catch overly powerful Pokémon that are much higher in level than they are.

Overpowered creatures

When Niantic initially released the game's Boss Raid feature, only trainers who were level 35 and above could participate in the battles.

However, the developer gradually lowered the level down since the Raids began on June 26. New reports have revealed that even Players who are just level 5 can apparently participate.

According to a continuously updated thread on Reddit, several low-level players who participated in these raids were reportedly able to catch the Raid Boss Pokémon. Interestingly, the caught raid bosses apparently don't scale down to the level of the trainer that catches it, which means that a level 5 trainer could essentially possess a level 20 or higher Pokémon with a high-level or near perfect IV.

Possible issues

Some players have pointed out that this oversight could become an issue down the road as players who want to have strong Pokémon may no longer find it necessary to go out and catch Pokémon in the wild or hatch eggs.

Simply participating in numerous raids and attempting to catch the Raid Boss may render better results than the alternative. Low-level players currently are unable to catch Pokémon above their level, which means that they shouldn't be able to acquire them on raids either.

Another side of the coin

However, other players argue that giving low-level players the opportunity to catch Pokémon above their current level will be beneficial to the community and to newcomers as well.

New players who participate in raids usually give up on them altogether seeing as that they aren't really powerful enough to be of much help. Giving them the chance to catch the Raid Boss Pokémon at its current level would serve as motivation for low-level players to persevere and continue on dishing out as much damage as they can.

As of the moment, Niantic has not yet specifically addressed the issue regarding the Raid Boss' level adjustment. The current state of things could just be an oversight and it might be possible that it will be changed very soon. Until then, new players do still have a chance to try their luck at catching some raid bosses while they are still available.