Fans are interested in 2D-platformers because of its simplicity and beauty. In addition, the latest farming simulation, adventure, and a bit of nostalgia, is the game "Stardew Valley." The game garnered numerous awards and recognition for its amazing story, interface, and simple mechanics. In some parts, fans even call it the "spiritual successor" of Yasuhiro Wada's "Harvest Moon." The latest game on Kickstarter is entitled "Kynseed." Players can download the game's prototype and donate amounts, starting from £7 to £500 or more.

Furthermore, the game is created by former Lionhead Fable developers.

"Kynseed" is a 2D-platformer, a sandbox game with a bit of RPG elements. To simply put it, the said game is a combination of three games entitled "Harvest Moon," "Rune Factory," and "Stardew Valley." However, the former Fable developers mixed a whimsical and fantastic atmosphere in the game. The soundtracks are composed by well-known Russel Shaw.

Game mechanics and system

"Kynseed" contains numerous things from alchemy, farming, fishing----to fighting, aging, and making relationships. Players can choose both genders with customization options and can engage in romance, marriage, and create a family that lasts for generations. Every deed is crucial because the people around the players remembers it all.

In short, they have memories that last a lifetime. Moreover, the game's main location is set in the land of Quill and the player's farm is located on Vale.

A mysterious acorn will be planted on the player's farm by someone called Mr. Fairweather and this acorn will grow into a huge magical family tree called "Kynseed." Other than the game mechanics, RPG elements will be mixed in as well.

Players can battle various monsters in Quill with different strengths. Of course, they should be careful on their health and stamina bars, depleting on every action done.

Dynamic weather and time

Time and weather are huge assets in "Kynseed" and these change numerous things in the game such as surroundings, people, and the player's age.

The aforementioned feature that focuses on people's memories will be in the game. However, players can also reverse time itself by paying Mr. Fairweather for upgrades and even revivals. Most importantly, a farming-simulation game is not complete without event calendars and dates. People's birthdays, town events, and special occasions are presented in the calendar.

By pledging in Kickstarter, players can receive numerous benefits such as their names being presented in the credits, obtaining a digital copy of the game, access to developer Sprite Editor, and much more. The benefits depend on the amount a person pledged. More detailed information are displayed on the official Kickstarter page of the game. The teaser video of "Kynseed" can be viewed below by a YouTube user named Nookrium: