Developer Rockstar Games is known for introducing weird stuff to “Gta 5.” Well, actually, the game is already weird in some way. Interestingly, there is a new update that brings this weirdness onto a whole new level.

According to PVP Live, a new update was released for “GTA 5” and it brought a brand new Adversary mode. It is called Overtime Rumble and, believe it or not, it lets players use cars as darts. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

What is Overtime Rumble?

Overtime Rumble is basically an Adversary mode that gives players the chance to earn double experience and more importantly, in-game currency.

But unlike other modes, this one is off the charts. It is not about eliminating players’ competing criminal masterminds. It is not even about showcasing the best stunts. This one is perhaps the most unique Adversary modes that the studio has ever introduced.

The “GTA 5Adversary mode is a simple game of, well, darts. The only twist, though, is that players will have to use cars in order to score. Players will hop into a sleep Ruiner 2000 and scrape the sky, as they try to aim for the target. The latter is placed atop Los Santos’ buildings. The mode allows a maximum of 10 players per match but for them to win, they must score the highest. As mentioned, the mode rewards the successful player with double experience and in-game currency.

This is expected to run until July 17.

The new update and its surprises

The update that brought the new Adversary mode to “GTA 5” also arrived with tons of exciting stuff. First and foremost, there are plenty of discounts involving the Executive Offices. For instance, the Maze Bank West is giving 25 percent off while the Arcadius Business Center is up to 30 percent off.

Also on the list are Lombank West and Maze Bank Tower, with 35 percent and 40 percent off respectively. As for the Custom Auto Shop Renovations, players can obtain at least 25 percent discount. Last on the list are the Executive Office Garage & Custom Auto Shop and Executive Office Garage Renovations, both of which sit at 25 percent off.

Moreover, the new “GTA 5” update introduced the Big Drop Premium Race, which allows players to compete using sports cars. In addition, there is the Up Chiliad Time Trial and it gives players the chance to earn more money and experience. There is no doubt that players have another reason to continue playing the game. It is worth noting that the said update arrived just a few days after Rockstar's modding tool controversy.