Rockstar Games and its parent company Take-Two have been involved in a dispute in connection with 'GTA 5' recently as they tried to close down a highly-favored modding tool for the action-adventure video game.

Rockstar shuts down popular modding tool

While the initial crackdown between the two companies has since eased off, the studio's stringent modding policy has brought about the termination of another impending mod. OpenIV, the folks behind the well-received 'GTA' modding tool, announced they are unable to continue working on their "Liberty City in GTA V" mod in a post on the GTA forums.

The said project enabled gamers to import the 'Grand Theft Auto IV' setting, Liberty City into the franchise's most recent title. Further clarifying Rockstar's decision to shut it down, the group admitted that the project was in violation of the game developer's modding policy. While the group refrained from shedding light on exactly what the mod violated, Gamespot suggests it may be because Rockstar's policy categorically prohibits the importation of other IP (including its own) in the project.

OpenIV suffered the same fate last month

Take-Two announced a cease and desist order against the ill-fated modding tool last month. The game publisher and distributor claimed the tool paved the way for recently surfaced malicious mods that give players a hard time and also disrupted the 'Grand Theft Auto Online' experience for them.

Much to the relief of mod creator, Rockstar Games mediated on the project's behalf and talked Take-Two into backing off on its decision. This allowed development on OpenIV to forge ahead concentrating on single-player mods. Take-Two has previously indicated one of its biggest concern involved mods that could affect 'GTA Online.'

As expected, Take-Two's recent restraint on mods didn't exactly sweep fans off their feet.

After OpenIV was shut down, players took to the 'Grand Theft Auto V' Steam page flooding it with a stream of bad reviews without wasting much time. Meanwhile, an appeal defending the tool picked up more than 80,000 signatures.

Despite the demise of the Liberty City mod, the group behind the project said it will continue working on OpenIV without violating Rockstar's modding policy.

'GTA 5' alien mystery solved?

In other news, players of the online version of 'GTA 5' have allegedly figured out an aged alien mystery. Players have been trying to catch a glimpse of aliens hidden in San Andreas, with UFO sightings and spacecraft parts found throughout the game.

Thanks to the 'GTA 5 Online' Gunrunning DLC, it looks like players have finally discovered concrete proof of alien existence in the Rockstar game. Modding group Team Guru recently posted a video on YouTube that gave fans a peek at a UFO crash site close to the Zancudo military base.