Pokémon Go was an app that was created for fans of the Pokémon franchise. It enabled users to go around their towns and cities and to catch different Pokémon. The app gained immediate international popularity, and people all over the world were raving about the game. YouTubers began to make videos about their Pokémon Go adventures, people around the world were becoming healthier, and the active aspect of the game helped people struggling with serious weight issues. Last weekend a Pokémon Go Festival was held in Grant Park in Chicago. However, the festival was a major bust as the users found that they couldn't access their apps.

A celebration of the Pokémon fandom

A Pokémon Go festival was organized in Chicago over the weekend. The aim of the festival was to bring long term players of the app together so that they could catch more Pokémon while meeting other gamers. The entrance fee for the festival was $20. There was a huge queue at Grant Park where the festival was taking place. Gamers from all over the world attended and waited for hours to buy their tickets.

As well as meeting other gamers, the developers of the app had promised that they would be releasing some Legendary Pokémon in the park. This was a huge incentive for the public to attend as many of them have actively traveled to new countries simply to catch Pokémon not available on their own.

However, the gamers found once they had entered Grant Park that they were experiencing difficulties with the app.

Users were unable to play the game once they entered the fest

Once the gamers had entered Grant Park, they began to realize that their apps were not working. Everyone at the festival was experiencing these issues.

According to the Verge, there was too much data congestion in the area with everyone trying to access their apps all at once. The company in charge of Pokémon, Niantic, released a statement about the festival. They apologized for the difficulties and had offered the public a full refund for their ticket

They also offered everyone who attended the festival the Legendary Pokémon which were due to be released in Grant Park.

Niantic Ceo, John Hanke, remains resolute in his decision to hold these events in the future. However, the failure at the Chicago Pokémon Fest will no doubt affect the attendance of similar events held in the future.

There has been no further comment about the festival. Those who attended expressed their disappointment at the failure but have not stated they will stop playing the game.