The latest Job Listing of Bethesda for a Build or Tools Engineer has again sparked speculations among fans that it is meant for “The Elders Scrolls 6.” Repeatedly, the gaming studio has been very vocal on several occasions in the past that fans will have to wait for a while before seeing the sixth game installment.

Job listing

Bethesda Game Studios recently posted a job listing on its parent company’s official website, Zenimax. According to the post, the studio is currently looking for a Build or Tools Engineer that will help them create a development environment for a triple A title.

The post listed all the job description includes working with game technology leads in the development infrastructure. The Tools Engineer will also handle game code changes, reporting systems, client and server build, automated testing, and writing codes.

While this does not directly say anything about “The Elders Scrolls 6,” many fans are speculating that the latest job hiring could be for the highly anticipated game installment. It could be possible that the gaming studio is gearing for the internal development of the title. The upside about this is that Bethesda is expanding its workforce so they could work on several major titles simultaneously.

Gamers’ wishes

While the heavily speculated game installment could arrive soon, Bethesda has not even come up with an official name for it yet.

However, this did not stop fans to come up with a wish list of the things that they would like to see in the game when it arrives. Among these includes additional variety in the game’s open world. According to the fans, much that they love Skyrim, however, it has too much snow on it. At first, the thought of navigating the game across a snowy and unpredictable landscape is exciting, but the further the players navigate, the more they realize that it lacks variety.

In addition, the bandit encampments, caves, and even mountains give the same feeling to gamers.

Aside from that, fans would also like to see the next game installment to have more diverse and wide-ranging locations along with weather systems. Bethesda could at least feature varying regions with an individual distinction that players can explore.

Moreover, gamers also wish to be engaged in more challenging battles. The previous games in the series have undeniably very simple in terms of execution. All players have to do is to mash the shoulder buttons rapidly until the enemies drop to the floor. It is also worth noting that the previous games gave more emphasis on the discovery of weapons and abilities rather than how they were utilized. Fans have set a very high expectation for “The Elder Scrolls 6.” Hopefully, Bethesda will not disappoint the gamers when the title will be finally released.