The recently released FNaF fan-made game "The Joy of Creation: Story Mode" made its way to the fandom and "reignited" the passion in their hearts. Talking about "reignited," Nikson's game garnered numerous positive feedbacks because of the realistic graphics and a new perspective the creator presented. Players experience the happening two years after the Five Nights at Freddy's event. This time, the story focused on Scott Cawthon himself, the man behind the FNaF series, game, and story.

The game is not disappointing but rather outstanding because it was made in Unreal Engine 4.

Not only that but also the overall story and game mechanics. You need to be keen on your surroundings and outsmart the "ignited" animatronics that comes to attack you so that you can progress to another level. However, outsmarting this animatronics is not an easy thing to do. You must adapt to the changes in your environment, especially because you are playing a total of five stages. Each stage is a different area in the house.

Five areas, five memories

As mentioned before, there is a total of five stages in The Joy of Creation: Story Mode. These five steps represent five memories that are forgotten. Here are the breakdown of the stages and the corresponding areas of the house:

  • Stage 1 - The Bedroom
  • Stage 2 - The Living Room
  • Stage 3 - The Office
  • Stage 4 - The Basement
  • Stage 5 - The Attic

Now, it is the job of players to remember each one.

Through numerous clicking, checking the drawers, flashing the light on dark areas, and closing curtains, the most challenging area would be area number 4, the basement.

The basement is not only cold, damp, and stuffy but it is also the easiest spot for you to be caught. Fortunately, one area in the basement that features the comfort room is your safest area.

Once you go out, you are vulnerable to any attack if you are not careful.

Who do I control in each stage?

It is very clear on who the players control in each stage. Stage 1, the bedroom, would be Scott's daughter. Second, Stage 2, the living room, would be Scott's wife. Lastly, the remaining three stages would be Scott himself.

The creepiest ending ever (SPOILERS)

FNaF endings, originally from Scott Cawthon are sometimes abrupt to leave players thinking of the conclusion. Now, the ending of The Joy of Creation: Story Mode is by far the scariest and creepiest one ever. Just to think players got off the bat by closing doors on each side while checking the monitor to keep "Creation" at bay, Scott did not get out safe. If my hunch is right, remembering the guy from Sister Location whose body was stolen in the Scooping Room by Ennard, this same being was the one who attacks Scott. In turn, his body was stolen. After that, a cutscene reveals a newspaper with the headline that says, "Man found dead in his own house."

Now, the ending was a scene of a burning attic with Scott crawling.

Crawling his way out of the hot mess, he then hears a familiar voice playing in the radio. Suddenly, a figure stands in front of him and grabs him. A scream echoes as the scene fades.

You're safe now, that's all that matters

Here comes the creepiest part---the scene showed a burning house. His wife worriedly said, "Oh, I am so worried!!" while he asked if they had called 911 and assured them there is nothing to worry about. Then, his daughter asked him what happened to the house and if "Michael" was still there. Scott monotonously replied, "You're safe now, that's all that matters." His daughter noticed this weird change.

His wife said in a trembling voice, "Everything's gone," but he still uttered the same words in the same manner. "You're safe now, that's all that matters." Until it comes to the point that it wasn't Scott anymore - it was something else. Here is the game's ending brought to us by IULITM via YouTube.