Fans of the insanely infamous “Five Nights at Freddy’s” series have been waiting so long for the next game to come out, albeit creator Scott Cawthon’s silence. His latest game had already been dubbed “Five Nights at Freddy’s 6,” but in an unexpected turn of events, Cawthon announced he’s canceled the project and turning to work on other things. Thing is, fans don’t believe him.

Cawthon made the announcement over at Steam where he confirmed that he really was working on “FNaF 6.” However, he said he decided to stop working on the next installment as “expectations get higher and higher for the next” and the mounting pressure has made him neglect other things.

He proceeded to say he won't be revealing anything concerning the halted project, and that it's not an interim arrangement either, adding he would rather focus on his other projects.

FNaF fans believe Cawthon is trolling

While some took the disappointing news seriously and vented their frustrations in the comment section, some fans remain skeptical for a good reason. Cawthon has a history of elaborate jokes and straightforward trolling; the latest of which he pulled off in April wherein edits to a source code in both the FNaF World and Scott Games websites had been found.

Both source codes in the websites were edited to make it seem like they were having a conversation, which was uncovered by an avid fan.

The quirky exchange was then posted in gaming forums, and things blew out of proportion. This prompted many fans to believe that a new game was coming up, despite Cawthon never actually confirming anything up until now.

Cawthon promises big things in the works

Should we take the erratic creator’s post seriously, then it’s safe to say that at this point, there won’t be any “Five Nights at Freddy’s 6.” It won’t be the end of the FNaF franchise, though, Cawthon promised.

He won’t be giving up on making games, nor will be he leaving the series behind. He also mentioned he's going to be working on smaller projects loosely based on the FNAF universe like the upcoming movie, a VR title, and other things.

It’s worth noting that the cancellation announcement seemed unnecessary, considering Cawthon never formally announced “Five Nights at Freddy’s 6” in the first place.

This is what fans find weird and dubious – that the creator took the time to inform fans of the scrapped project. Hardcore FNaF fans believe this is all a ruse to keep the hype up. Truth be told, it’s working.