Developer Intelligent Systems and Nintendo have heard of fans’ collective wailing for sure – it’s giving out Orbs, the in-game currency, again. The latest event for “Fire Emblem Heroes” arrived just in time for the wedding season, bringing in four pretty princesses dolled up for the big “I do.” What’s more, the game has relaunched its beloved Orb giveaway, presumably to pacify customer tantrums triggered by the Orb drought that started earlier in May.

‘Bridal Blessings’

Fire Emblem Heroes’” previous event had players sport cute bunny costumes for spring, and to remain consistent of Nintendo’s fondness for themed events, it’s quite natural for the company to go for the “June Bride” kind of feel.

Cordelia, Charlotte, Caeda, and Lyn are now garbed in fancy, white frills – they’ve been literally given a waifu makeover. Along with the flamboyant gowns and accessories, each of them will have a specific skillset when they reach five-star levels.

Those already familiar with “Fire Emblem Heroes” might remember Caeda, Princess of Talys, as Marth’s bride. In this event, however, she is available for the taking. In the trailer, she mightily proclaims, “I believe in love!” then went on to toss an exploding bouquet, portraying the perfect image of the hopeless romantic.

Lyn, bless her heart, is the exact opposite for Caeda, and drops the line: “This dress wasn’t my idea.” This doesn’t make her look any less of a bride, still.

Cordelia looks lovely as she’s always been and delivers a rhetoric “Who doesn’t admire a stunning bride?” catchphrase. Finally, Charlotte, who tried signing up for the Royal Guard, says what all married couples are bound to proclaim: “Till death do us part,” she says.

Getting your free Orbs

Bridal Blessings” already started yesterday, but there’s time to catch up.

The event will end June 14 midnight; however, your chance for free Orbs only lasts until June 6. Dropped on a daily basis, participants get to have a login bonus of two Orbs. It’s the same giveaway the game when it launched, running for a few months until Intelligent Systems or Nintendo put a halt to it.

Intelligent Systems made players happy when Orbs were pretty much offered for free.

Of course, players still have the option to buy more if they run out, but there was once a time people need not spend a dime on the game. Earlier this month, however, free Orbs suddenly vanished, and in came the seemingly endless rants and complaints, saying both Intelligent Systems and Nintendo are ripping them off.

All is well now, though, at least for a week. Still, players need to save up a lot of Orbs for this rare chance of summoning any of the girls. Nintendo hasn’t said anything whether or not the girls will remain after the event, so it’s best to take advantage of the giveaway Orbs while it’s up.