Gust and Koei Tecmo will be announcing the date for their "Atelier 20Th Anniversary" that will be on April 7. The details regarding the anniversary's special concert will be revealed on that date. Western fans can also view the live stream and event, if one uploads it in the internet. Otherwise, for Westerners living in Japan, they can purchase the ticket for the concert and view it firsthand. The company is well-known for their Atelier series games including the latest "Atelier Sophie" and "Atelier Firis." Throughout the years, their games have instilled hopes and dreams in the hearts of gamers on ways these could be presented in RPG-genre games.

In addition, the way they incorporate the idea of alchemy is unique among others.

For those who do not know about the Atelier series, the first game that was published was "Atelier Marie" way back in 1997. The stories were unique and different but each attains the same goals---to be better on things, to achieve bigger dreams, and helping others.

First 20th-anniversary Atelier series trailer video from the live stream

The first trailer for the Atelier 20th anniversary project was revealed last year in December. However, this only provided a small bit of history about the notable games that were released by Koei Tecmo. Moreover, the last note was saying "Coming Soon," which signifies something is about to happen soon or a few months from now.

The trailer from the live stream can be viewed below:

The two latest Atelier series games are "Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book," which talks about Sophie, who takes over the Alchemy Shop of her late grandma. With little knowledge about alchemy, she seeks help from friends and eventually encounters a mysterious book.

As surprising as it may sound to her, the mysterious book can talk, reveals its name as Plachta, and helps her along her journey to become the best alchemists in Kirchen Bell, the city she resides.

The latest Atelier series game

On the other hand, "Atelier Firis: the Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey" sets on the story of Firis Mistlud with her sister.

She discovers alchemy and travels on vast places around the world to find materials. Along the way, she creates friends, encounters troubles, overcomes problems, and creates memories along the way. The trailer from Koei Tecmo can be viewed below:

Until then, fans should wait a couple of days from now until announcements are made. Special concert means something new will be unveiled, which is amazing. Checking any updates from video streaming sites, especially on YouTube, despite its ads.