Since last year, “Diablo 3: Rise of the Necromancer” has been making waves on the Internet. In 2016, key art was leaked, pre-empting the announcement of the class. It was during the opening ceremony at Blizzcon that Blizzard officially made the big reveal of the return of the Necromancer class. In 2017, numerous reports about the release date of the Priests of Rathma were running rampant, but Blizzard remained tight-lipped. However, just recently, the company gave a clue as to the release of the highly anticipated pack, and launched cinematic introductions for the male and female undead.

Diablo 3: Rise of the Necromancer” will be released along with Patch 2.6. The announcement is Blizzard’s traditional way of teasing the fans while not actually giving out much information. The beta version of the Necromancer has gone through rigorous testing at the PTR and it’s only a matter of time before players can get their hands on the much-awaited release.

Cinematic intro

Alongside the announcement was the release of cinematic intros for both the female and the male Necromancer campaigns as they start their long journey toward the Fallen Star. The role of the Priests of Rathma is to restore order and balance to their own version of revival when the Fallen Star tries to upset it. They are also the protectors of the progression of life and death.

Other game details

Aside from the latest cinematic intros, previously, Blizzard revealed that armor would also be available in the upcoming game. This includes Trag'Oul's Avatar, Bones of Rathma, Pestilence Master's Shroud, and Grace of Inarius. In an interview with Julian Love, Blizzard’s Lead FVX Artist, he revealed interesting information about the inspiration for the birth of this class in the game.

According to him, “Diablo 3: Rise of the Necromancer” will give players the feeling of commanding the undead and leading an army of the undead. Aside from that, the artist added that the focus will be mainly on the blood. Apparently, this will include skills that intensify damage. Players can even teleport using the opponent’s blood.

Release date

Currently, the company has not yet revealed any information about the release of “Diablo 3: Rise of the Necromancer.” However, there is speculation that it will most likely be available by the start of season 11, which is in July 2017. Since the game will be released alongside Patch 2.6, perhaps it will arrive in the game a day earlier than the update. Meanwhile, check out the latest Cinematic intro below, enjoy.